ISO 22301 Internal Auditor Training Course

ISO 22301:2012 Internal Auditor Training

Why ISO 22301 internal auditor course?

The ISO 22301 Internal Auditor Training course enhances the auditing knowledge and skills of the delegates to understand the requirements of ISO 22301:2012 and the principles of BCMS. It also helps the candidates to:

  • Plan, manage and conduct an internal audit of BCMS
  • Understand the importance of business continuity management system
  • Prepare and submit the internal audit reports
  • Take effective corrective actions and guide the top management

Course content

  • Introduction to ISO 22301
  • Overview of ISO 22301:2012
  • PDCA cycle
  • Requirements of ISO 22301
  • Audit methodologies and common terms
  • Audit preparation
  • Roles and responsibilities of internal auditor
  • Submission of audit report

Who is it for?

  • Management system representatives and consultants
  • Professionals who wants to become a ISO 22301 lead auditor

About IAS

Integrated Assessment Services (IAS) is a globally recognized training platform in Iraq for Auditor courses on various ISO standards. We offer lead auditor, internal auditor and awareness and foundation training courses from ISO 9001, ISO 14001 to ISO 22301.

Our tutors are real-time auditors who will guide you with practical examples for the better understanding of standards’ requirements and auditing process.

We also offer online internal auditor training courses in associated with our sister concern EAS (Empowering Assurance System).

IAS offers ISO 22301 Internal Auditor Course in Iraq and also in UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

Training duration

IAS offers on-site training program for 2 days (16 hours). It is classroom type training program conducted by qualified lectures (lead auditors). IAS conducts written examination on the second day of the training session. The professional certification is issued based on the continuous assessment during the course and the final scores of the written examination.

The online training program is conducted for 30 days (1 Month). The course can be accessed from the day of the payment. Candidates can take the online examination within these 30 days. You can get the professional certification online. IAS also provides participation certificate for the delegates who attended the training session.

Get interested to strengthen your auditing knowledge and skills on ISO 22301? Here is IAS’ ISO 22301 Internal Auditor course. Contact us to know more about the course and training program.

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