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ISO 20000 Certification in Iraq

What is ISO 20000 Certification?

ISO 20000 is a worldwide recognized standard for IT service management. It details the requirements for an organization to plan, establish, implement, monitor, and improve IT service management procedures. ISO 20000 Certification is a validation indicating that an organization has met the ISO 20000 standards and is in conformance with them.

Why Get ISO 20000 Certification in Iraq?

ISO 20000 certification is a good approach to boost the quality of IT services and helps to minimize costs. Organizations that have been certified with ISO 20000 are more likely to see significant improvements in their IT service delivery as a result of the standard serving as a framework for process improvement.

ISO 20000-certified companies can show their clients and other stakeholders that they have established the necessary procedures and controls to deliver high-quality IT services. This may help to build customer confidence in the firm's ability to fulfill client needs.

Benefits of ISO 20000 Certification in Iraq

  • Improves your service quality and customer satisfaction
  • Makes your organization more efficient and cost-effective
  • Facilitates continuous improvement of your services
  • Facilitates a more strategic approach to IT management
  • Increases your competitive advantage
  • Enhances your organizational image and credibility
  • Boosts employee morale and motivation

Which Organizations Can Apply?

Any organization, regardless of size or type, that provides IT services can apply for ISO 20000 certification. The requirements of the standard are generic and can be applied to any organization, irrespective of its industry sector or business model. Examples:

  • Software development companies
  • Outsourcing providers
  • Systems integrators
  • Data-center operators

Audit Procedure for ISO 20000 Certification in Iraq Through IAS

The certification process has 2 auditing stages, which include:

  • Stage 1 Audit (Preliminary audit) – The preliminary audit is the first stage of an audit, during which our auditor will obtain an understanding of the company's business operations, internal controls, and overall financial condition. Our auditor will assess and review the necessary documents and risks associated with ISO 20000 compliance, as well as develop an audit plan.
  • Stage 2 Audit (Certification Audit) – An organization's entire management system is examined and audited during this phase to verify that it meets the ISO 20000 standard. The time required for a business to complete the second stage of an audit is determined by a number of factors, including its size, the number of locations it possesses, and the services it offers. The ISO 20000 certificate will be issued after the successful completion of both audits.

Get ISO 20000 Certified in Iraq Through IAS

Integrated Assessment Services Pvt. Ltd. (IAS) is a leading ISO 20000 certification body that provides certification services to organizations in Iraq. IAS is accredited by the Universal Quality Accreditation Services (UQAS) and offers a wide range of management system certifications and product certifications as per the needs of the clients. We are dedicated to providing quality ISO services that help our clients improve their business operations.

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