ISO 17025 Internal Auditor Training Course

The Purpose of ISO 17025 Internal Auditor Training

The purpose of ISO 17025 Internal AuditorTraining is to provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform internal audits of testing and calibration laboratories following the requirements of ISO 17025. The course will cover topics such as the principles of auditing, the types of audits, and the auditor’s responsibilities. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to practice their audit skills through a series of exercises and case studies.

IAS offers ISO 17025 internal auditor training in Iraq, which aids candidates in the development of requisite skills for conducting effective internal audits as per ISO 17025 requirements.

Why ISO 17025 Internal Auditor Training in Iraq?

As mentioned earlier, the ISO 17025 standard is a quality management system requirement for laboratories. The standard lays down requirements that laboratories must meet in order to demonstrate their competence to carry out specific tests and calibrations. Internal auditors play an important role in ensuring that these requirements are being met by laboratories.

Through ISO 17025 internal auditor training, participants will learn how to effectively conduct an effective internal audit of a laboratory’s quality management system to check for compliance with the standard’s requirements. The training will also provide participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to communicate their findings and make recommendations for improvement.

Benefits of ISO 17025 Internal Auditor Training in Iraq

Our ISO 17025 internal auditor training in Iraq provides you with the following benefits:

  • Improved understanding of the requirements of ISO 17025
  • Greater confidence when conducting audits
  • More effective audits, leading to improved quality of laboratory operations
  • Less time spent on audits, due to improved efficiency and effectiveness
  • Increased auditor credibility, due to improved knowledge and skills
  • Enhanced communication between auditors and laboratory personnel
  • Greater satisfaction with the audit process, due to improved results.

Who Can Attend?

The course is designed for laboratory personnel who are responsible for conducting internal audits of their laboratory’s quality management system. Additionally, the course is also suitable for those who wish to learn more about the requirements of ISO 17025 and how to effectively audit against them. Such as:

  • Laboratory Managers
  • Laboratory quality managers
  • Quality assurance personnel


Participants who wish to attend our ISO 17025 internal auditor training in Iraq are recommended to have a basic understanding of quality management systems and the principles of auditing. Prior work experience in any testing laboratory would be an added advantage.

Course Delivery Modes

  • Self-Learning Mode: Employees who work full-time might find this sort of learning useful. Our cutting-edge self-paced learning technique allows you to learn the ISO 17025 Internal Auditor Course at your own pace, and you’ll also get 30 days of online access to the course materials.

  • Tutor-led Virtual Classes : Candidates will participate in an ISO 17025 Internal Auditor training in Iraq via a virtual learning environment. Participants will receive a two-day (16-hour) training session from our professional tutors, which will include lectures, interactive discussions, and practical activities.

Assessment and Course Certification

Each student must pass an online test at the conclusion of the course in order to obtain their ISO 17025 Internal Auditor certificate. To get a certificate of completion, students must pass the online exam with a score of at least 70 percent.

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