SA 8000 Certification

SA 8000 Certification in Iraq

SA 8000 – Social Accountability Management system standard

The voluntary standard, SA 8000 for social compliance follows the guidelines of national labor laws, UN Declaration of Human Rights, and international human rights norms. The SA 8000 Certification

standard helps organizations to meet the legal requirements and manage issues such as:
  • Child labor
  • Forced and compulsory labor
  • Health and safety
  • Freedom of association
  • Discrimination
  • Disciplinary practices
  • Working hours
  • Remuneration/compensation

Integrated Assessment Services (IAS) is one of the leading SA 8000 Certification Bodies in Iraq that audits and issues certificates for more than two decades. With this vast experience and real-time auditors, IAS offers reliable services for the organization to build an effective management system.

SA 8000 Certification

We also have numerous branches and representatives in Iraq and also in UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

About SA 8000 certification

SA 8000 certification encourages the organizations to apply, develop, maintain, and as well as to continually improve the socially acceptable practices in the working environment. It ensures the employees’ well-being in the workplace. This certainly provides job satisfaction for the employees. This independent workplace standard demonstrates the organization’s commitment in treating the employees ethically and in compliance with global standards. Regardless of its size, type, or field of activity, the SA 8000 Certification applies to all organization that wants to create a safe, friendly working environment for employees.

Advantages of Acquiring SA 8000 Certification

SA 8000 Certification enhances the competency and ensures the growth of your organization. It also supports the organizations to:

  • Applicable legal requirements
  • Ensure customer satisfaction
  • Enhance employees’ safety
  • Promotes the reputation
  • Achieve new business opportunities
  • Also, the stakeholders’ confidence

IAS and its certification services

  • IAS is famous, UQAS accredited certification body that offers management system certification on SA 8000 and as well as on various ISO standards. We follow a simple yet effective auditing processes and procedures as per the trend of the local market.
  • We have a well-experienced auditor who will assist in you every step of the auditing process. Our documented procedure will sure save your time and money.
  • We are also famous for providing product certifications such as CE Marking, GOST-R, Green, Kosher, and so on.
  • IAS is the top-searching training platform for lead auditor, internal auditor and awareness & foundation training courses. We also offer online training courses associated with our sister concern EAS (empowering assurance system).
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