AS 9100 Certification

Aro space Certification

AS 9100 Certification

AS 9100 Certification for aerospace industries

AS 9100 is a specifically developed standard for the aerospace industry’s quality management system. This international standard specifies requirements to implement the quality of aerospace products including aviation, space and defense products and QMS performance. It includes the requirements of ISO 9001 and also the specific requirements of Aerospace industries. This standard has a similar connection with the generic quality management system, ISO 9001.

AS 9100 Certification Iraq

Integrated Assessment Services (IAS) is the top-searching AS9100 Certification Body in Iraq. We have representatives in various countries such as Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, and Saudi Arabia and so on. We encourage and guide the organization to fulfill the requirements of ISO 45001 and achieve the certification faster as well as easier.

Why AS 9100 Certification?

Achieving AS 9100 Certification establishes the organization’s involvement in developing quality aviation, defense and space products. It certainly increases customer confidence in your products and services. From the manufacturing process to the distribution of the products, AS 9100 Certification ensures the quality performance of the management system. However, the AS 9100 certification is applicable to all sizes of the aerospace industries and the organizations that provide aerospace-related products and services.

Advantages of Acquiring AS 9100 Certification

The AS 9100 Certification offers the following benefits to the organization.

  • Ensures consistency in the products’ quality
  • Helps meet applicable legal requirements
  • Increases the stakeholders’ confidence
  • Brings new business opportunities
  • Promotes the reputation of your business

IAS and its Certification Services

IAS offers AS 9100 Certification in Iraq with highly-qualified, real-time auditors to guide the organizations throughout the auditing procedures and certification process. We also provide product certifications including Kosher certification, CE marking, Green certification and GOST-R and more.
We have 13 years of experience in auditing and issuing the AS 9100 certification in Iraq. We ensure effective services as per the trend of the local business market. We make sure the organization consistently fulfills the requirements of AS 9100 Certification standard.

IAS also provides lead auditor, internal auditor, and awareness and foundation training courses on various ISO Standards with professional auditing experts. We provide complete guidance for you to achieve the AS9100 certification in easy and simple steps.

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