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CE Certification in Saudi Arabia

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CE Certification

What is CE Certification or CE Marking?

The CE Marking is a guarantee from the producers/suppliers to customers that the product meets European health, safety, and environmental requirements. The European Conformity certification makes it certain that your goods will be marketable in the European market and that they are safe, flawless, and of the greatest quality. We Provide CE Certification in Saudi Arabia.

What are the CE Conformity Standards?

There are two types of standards to be met for CE Certification in Saudi Arabia: European Standards and National Standards. The European standard is mandatory throughout the EEA, while national standards are voluntary. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) manages European Standards. If your product meets the requirements set by the European standard, then it will receive CE certification.

Market Access to the EEA Market by National Standards:
  • To market your goods in all EU and EFTA member states – Switzerland and Turkey (including countries not having adopted Directive 2013/53/EU) through a national standard, you must set up a type-examination procedure for your product.
  • If the examination is successful, you will receive CE certification to market your goods in all member states concerned under the national standard.
  • To avoid multiple testing by various national authorities, it is possible that one or more countries may recognize the results of type examinations performed under an existing national standard. The European Commission will publish a list of recognized national standards.
What is the difference between CE Marking and the Declaration of Conformity?

The CE certification marking is mandatory for all products sold within the EU, while the Declaration of Conformity is mandatory for certain categories of products that are covered by specific directives. The Declaration of Conformity consists of a technical file that has to be available on your company’s website or inside some commercial packaging with some product information.

The CE certification marking identifies the product as complying with all applicable requirements, enabling it to be sold throughout the whole EU, EFTA (Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein), and Turkey.

The Declaration of Conformity indicates that your product meets specific rules or standards, which you must specify on your product or in its accompanying documentation. It contains no information about the risks associated with using the product.

Benefits of CE Certification

CE certification ensures that the product complies with European directives. CE Certification in Saudi Arabia also offers the following benefits to organizations/manufacturers.

  • The EEA market is the largest economic zone in the world.
  • CE certification ensures that people use their money on safe, efficient, and high-quality products.
  • CE certification helps to increase your business by making it easier for you to sell your product across Europe. This also reduces trade barriers and increases profit margins due to efficient manufacturing throughout the whole of Europe.
  • CE certification ensures that your product is better than the competitors’ products. This can help you get multiple orders and attract more customers, thus increasing your profit margins which will ultimately result in the growth of your business, no matter how small it may be.
  • CE certification gives you an exclusive right to use the CE mark on your product.
  • It helps you to differentiate your products from competitors.
  • You can use this CE certification mark for all or any of your products in the same category and you can choose not to affix it when it is not required, thus saving time and cost.
What are the Common mistakes in CE Certification in Saudi Arabia?
  • The product is tested for a standard that is not relevant to your needs.
  • Your product does not meet the conformity assessment procedure.
  • Documentation and packaging fail to include all appropriate information, such as:
  1. Identification of products covered by this Directive and its implementing measures.
  2. Classification and risk phrases.
  3. Where appropriate, a list of applicable harmonized standards.
  4. Where available, the EC type-examination certificate number.
  5. Where available, the European Technical Assessment (ETA) report showing the risk analysis and the results of the performance testing for your product.
  6. Reference to EU declaration of conformity or another technical dossier.
  7. Where necessary, the identification number of an EU-based representative.
  8. Where available, information on environmental protection aspects.

The CE certification mark is given to products that have been tested and approved by one of the Notified Bodies in the EU Member States. It is mandatory for all kinds of products sold within the European Union. The Declaration of Conformity is given to products that are covered by specific directives and it contains no information about the risks associated with using the product. CE certification states that your product meets all mandatory requirements of European directives, thus ensuring its free movement within EU countries under the single market policy.

Which Products need CE Certification?

CE certification gives confidence to the customers to have trust in your products. It also helps the products to enter the European market. However, CE certification is a must for certain products including, 

  • Electrical and electronic equipment
  • Radio and telecom terminal equipment
  • Pressure equipment
  • Medical devices
  • Machinery
  • Gas appliances
  • Toys, etc.
About IAS

IAS (Integrated Assessment Services) is one of the top-searching ISO Certification Bodies in Saudi Arabia. We have a team of experienced personnel who have expertise in understanding our client’s needs and requirements. In addition to this, we understand the business objectives of our clients which help us to provide unbiased assessment reports within an agreed budget and time frame.

CE Certification Procedure

CE certification is a process of qualifying a certain product that has passed the performance test and the quality assurance test. The CE certification procedure includes:

  • Completion of CE certification applicable form
  • Contact us with the completed product application form to have a free discussion about the CE certification process
  • Identification of the possible requirement related to your applied products
  • After identifying the specific requirements, our auditors will perform the audit on your product based on the submitted application form
  • Evaluation of technical documentation
  • If there is any deviation, IAS will provide the audit report with corrections or corrective actions
  • After the effective implementation, IAS will issue CE certification.

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