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Advantages of Being ISO Certified in Qatar

25 Jun 2021

Advantages of Being ISO Certified in Qatar in Terms of Organization Perception and Consumer Perspect

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Why we need ISO Certification in Qatar

Oragnization in Qatar are in need of competing with global players and attract International customers and MNC’s. It is the imperative for the company to establish in the competitive world by gaining customer’s confidence and loyalty towards their company’s products and services.

ISO Certification helps organization to achieve this goal

Organization Perception

This article explains the Advantages of different organisations in the state of Qatar upon adopting the ISO 9001:2015 quality management standard. It is required to report the available motives, achieved benefits, difficulties encountered and success factors from adopting the standard among certified organisations, and obstacles from its adoption among non-certified organisations. 

Among the most significant part is that the overall positive notion that the companies in the state of Qatar believe in the benefits and importance of adopting the ISO 9001:2015 standard. Most of these companies are convinced to adopt the standard as a result of its importance to improve process performance/product quality rather than pressure from external customers.

Organizations is Qatar has achieved Certification for ISO although there are various obstacles in implementing ISO 9000 and acceptance in Qatar construction industry, it has been referred to as an appropriate and effective tool for construction companies to improve their internal management systems 

 There are visible internal and external benefit due to QMS implementation and ISO Certification.

Internal benefits: streamlining internal functions in a planned manner, documenting its processes, analyzing its KPI, reducing the Non conformances, managing and tracking competence of the employees, managing and controlling vendors and subcontractors, helps in communication flow from management to employees and vise versa and more aligned towards the vision of the organization. In overall the impact of ISO 9001 is giving an opportunity to a high quality assurance system that guide to high of excellence in organization performance.It helped to ensure that the business is in complaint with certain laws and regulations, which helps to enhance its overall efficiency. Further, It enhances the value of the products and services amoung your target customers and but also see to it that they are perfectly safe for usage.

External Benefits : All types of companies in Qatar and after overcoming the barriers, motives, benefits, difficulties and implementation success factor of different organizations in Qatar. It found a positive impact in Qatar companies that have ISO 9001 certification to gain customer confidence in their products and services. Although customer satisfaction had been achieved by most of the certified organizations in the Middle East not all of them had an increase in sales. Firms in Qatar were noted to have gained due to ISO certification which has bought significant increase in sales after the certification.

Therefore, the business that operating in Qatar, you should definitely make an effort to get ISO certification, so that it helps to boost the value of your customer in many ways. Having ISO certification is the best thing for your company as it can help you to get an edge over your competitors.

Types of Organizations benefiting ISO certification

Companies belonging to all kinds of sectors like trading, manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, IT, food, business services, education and well as government departments benefits immensely from this ISO certification. Here are some of the main reasons for which you should think of getting ISO certification in Qatar.

  • It can help increase brand value
  • It can make your firm eligible for making tenders.
  • You can easily reach out to international markets to sell your products.
  • ISO certification can increase you employee confidence in your company and increase your organization’s efficiency.
  • It can provide edge towards your competitors that you have always wanted.

Customer Prospective:

It is easy for the customer to rely on the professional organizations which provide customer services. The third party ISO certification communicates to the customer that your organization is more of system driven and is professionally managed.

organization’s has better chances in tender processes – often one of the requirements is to have ISO 9001 certification, Gaining trust of both current and potential clients, contractors and business partners.

Customers can expect faster and more accurate response to their needs, Perception of the organization as ordered and trustworthy.

Third party ISO certification clears the doubts in the minds of the customer about verifying and monitoring the organization towards quality functions and compliances.

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