HACCP Training in Oman

HACCP Training in Oman

As food safety has become more of a critical issue throughout the world, more and more companies are looking to HACCP certification as proof that their processes are safe. Ensuring that your company is prepared for GMP inspections is something that will set you apart from your competitors. More than ever before, companies understand how important it is to give customers the utmost confidence in their food safety abilities.

HACCP is an acronym for Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point(s). HACCP was developed by NASA to monitor food quality on Space Station Food Services, but ironically enough has become one of the most useful tools to implement into several different industries, including food service.

HACCP is a system that identifies all of the food safety hazards, critical control points (CCP), and preventive measures within your company. CCP’s are points in processing where hazards can be eliminated or reduced to acceptable levels; they are also known as ‘critical limits’ which must never be exceeded under any circumstances.

Contents of HACCP Training:

  • -HACCP Overview
  • -Company Flow Chart (How your company works from beginning to end)
  • -Identify all Pest Control Hazards (Temperature discrepancies, employee re-entry after treatment or cleaning, etc.)
  • -Preventive Measures (CCPs) Within Your Facility
  • -Methods of Tracking Product Quality. Can you do it from the time it comes into your facility or does it have to be just at the end of production?
  • -FDA Regulations for Food Safety. What documents do you need to retain within your company?
  • -Citations and Inspections: Learn what a citation is, how FDA identifies problems within a company’s HACCP system, and how to improve.

After completing the training, you will be able to implement a HACCP system within your facility that is customized for your company’s specific needs, as well as follow all FDA rules and regulations regarding food safety. The IAS certification focuses on international regulatory requirements but our course can help anyone gain an understanding of what

HACCP training must be done before the implementation of any HACCP system.

  • -The Purpose and Benefits of HACCP
  • – Food safety hazards, CCPs, and Preventive measures identified within your company.
  • – How to use all required documentation effectively when audited.

HACCP is not just another pest control. It’s a system that identifies all the risks and flaws in your specific processing system, whether they be temperature discrepancies or employees taking shortcuts. It gives you the ability to know exactly where the problems lie within your company, so steps can be taken to ensure food safety.

IAS HACCP Training covers

Process flow charts, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s), Critical Limits, Corrective Action, and a Product Quality Tracking system. All of these tools should be documented at every stage of production from receiving to shipping.

To make the system work, it is important to get all of your employees involved and train them on what HACCP really means.

Who should take HACCP Training?

All employees within the company whether they be on the floor production, shipping, receiving, management, etc. must have a general knowledge of how HACCP works. There are several ways to implement the system into your facility but it is up to you as an owner or manager to develop a business plan that best fits your company’s needs.

Mode of HACCP Training

Traditional classroom training is the preferred method by most food manufacturers and business owners. Other methods such as online e-learning courses are available, but they lack the level of interactivity and understanding necessary for a successful implementation within your facility. However, we do offer an online HACCP Training program which includes: 

– HACCP training for supervisors/managers, which is a 30-day self-learning course that covers the topics mentioned above.

– Record-Keeping information because it is just as important to keep records of everything that happens within your company when creating a HACCP plan.

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