Kosher Certification in UAE

Kosher Certification is a way of confirming that products are in compliance with the Jewish dietary laws of Kashrut.

The Kashrut laws are intended to ensure that products are fit for consumption by Jews. The Kashrut status of a product must be declared on the label to inform consumers (usually Jewish) if the food is kosher or not.

Why Kosher Certification?

Kosher certification in UAE is meant for companies supplying kosher products/ingredients e.g. dyes, starches, malt, glycerin, gelatin. A kosher symbol on a food product would be a simple indication of a pre-requisite that the food is free from certain components and has been produced under strict Kashrut guidelines.

Kosher certification can also be issued by authorized caterers to their respective facilities for which they have the required permits.

– Kosher (Dairy) – IUD – Dairy – For products with dairy ingredients

– Kosher (Meat) – IUD – Pareve – For products without dairy or meat ingredients

The Kashrut laws prohibit the consumption of pork and shellfish. In addition, observant Jews do not drink milk with meat which is also called “Dairy with Pareve”.

Divine Law

For Jews, kosher is one of the most important elements when it comes to food. Kashrut laws are mainly derived from The Torah which is believed to be “Divine Law” by the Jewish people. For Muslims in UAE, foods are considered ‘halal’ if they comply with Islamic dietary guidelines. Halal foods are permitted for consumption, while all other food items are considered ‘haraam’ and should not be consumed.

Benefits of Kosher Certification

Kosher certification in UAE has evolved to ensure that the consumers are being provided with accurate information about the products that they are buying. This would mainly benefit Jews in UAE who would prefer to purchase kosher certified goods only.

Kosher certification is also relevant to food service establishments catering to the Jewish community, giving them the liberty to have different options on their menu.

By having kosher certification, your company would raise its credibility by gaining the trust and confidence of consumers in UAE who favor goods that meet Islamic dietary guidelines or products that are kosher-certified. The economic benefit of kosher certification is the opportunity to expand your customer base by attracting those who keep kosher as well as those who prefer halal products.

Where can you find Kosher Certification?

Integrated Assessment Services offers both provisional and full kosher certification services for food and non-food items in UAE. The applicant must provide a list of their ingredients and a description of the manufacturing process. This service will give you an insight into the kosher status of your products and will provide you with a benchmark for future reference.

You can search our kosher certificate database online or contact us to obtain kosher certificates issued by IAS 

Kosher certification is provided by Integrated Assessment Services against products which meets the Kashrut dietary laws in UAE.

Note: IAS certificates are not certified by ‘Rabbi’.

For more information about the Kosher certification do contact IAS at enquiry@iascertification.com