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BRC Certification

What is BRC 

The full form of BRC is the British Retail Consortium which is a UK trade organization. BRC standards are known for high-level food safety requirements. They ensure the food prepared is safe and complies with food safety legislation. The BRC standard is a Food Safety Management System standard that specifies guidelines for the food manufacturers to prepare safe and healthy food products. Also, this standard includes requirements to improve the food quality and safety in all stages of the food process such as production, packing, storing, and distribution.

BRC Certification

IAS is a well-known platform for auditing and issuing product certifications and management system certifications on a variety of ISO standards. We provide BRC certification in the United Arab Emirates and neighboring Gulf countries such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. 

The BRC certification is a globally recognized food safety and quality certification that improves consumer pleasure. This accreditation boosts your company’s visibility while also opening doors to work with many other businesses. Achieving the BRC Certification is a simple method to impress customers, food services firms, and manufacturers. The corporate image of the firm improves due to BRC Certification.

BRC Certification is suitable for all the organizations in the food supply chain. It ensures the food is healthy and safe for human consumption. Also, the BRC certification helps global retailers, manufacturers, ingredient companies, foodservice organizations, and raw material processors to meet customer expectations.

BRC Certification UAE

IAS is one of the top-searching ISO Certification Bodies in UAE. Incorporated in 2006, we have more than 13 years of experience in issuing both product and as well as process certifications.

Benefits of achieving BRC Certification

  • The BRC certification helps to satisfy the legal obligations
  • Ensures the food safety and as well as it’s quality
  • Enhances customer satisfaction
  • Develops your brand image
  • Improves customer/client confidence in your products
  • Ensures consistency in the product quality and services
  • A great way to grab the attention of retailers, food service companies, and manufacturers
  • Also, promotes the reputation of the organization

IAS and BRC certification procedure

With more than two decades of professional experience in auditing and issuing product certification, IAS guides the organization/manufacturers effectively to meet the requirements to achieve the BRC certification. The product certification ensures that the product has passed the performance test and as well as the quality assurance tests. Achieving the BRC Certification (product certification) enhances customer confidence in your product, process, and services. The certification procedure of IAS is as follows:

  • Complete the IAS’ BRC certificate application form
  • Call us to have a free discussion about the certification process specific to your product
  • Our auditors will analyze all the possible requirements related to the applied product
  • After identifying the specific requirements, our auditors will perform the audit and as well as evaluate the technical documents submitted
  • If there is any deviation, the audit report will be provided with effective implementation
  • The manufacturers/organizations need to meet those requirements within the specified time given by IAS
  • Finally, IAS will issue the certificate

To find more information about the BRC certification process, kindly contact us.