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Kosher Certification in Saudi Arabia

Kosher Certification

What is Kosher certification?

The term ‘Kosher’ is a Hebrew language word that means fit, proper, or correct. Kosher is the most recognized term to identify the foods and drinks that comply with Jewish religious Dietary Law. The food products which are called Kosher foods are prepared as per the Jewish Law requirements. Kosher foods are classified into three different categories such as Pareve, Meat and Poultry, and Dairy products.

Kosher Certification is a must for the food products to be proper and acceptable in accordance with Jewish Dietary law. It certainly improves customers’ confidence in your products and processes. It enhances the market value of your product and as well as promotes the sales of your business. Also, the Kosher Certification ensures the food is safe, pure, and suitable for human consumption.

Kosher Certification Benefits

The Kosher certification ensures a level of assurance in organizational quality. This globally recognized certification also offers the following benefits to the organization/manufacturer. 

  • Establishes the natural and organic products
  • Assures conformance to legal and regulatory requirements
  • Increases credibility and traceability
  • Enhances customers’ confidence in your products
  • Improves sales as well as the productivity of your business
  • Develops the reputation of the organization

About IAS

IAS (Integrated Assessment Services) is one of the top-searching ISO Certification Bodies in Saudi Arabia. We offer management system certifications on various ISO standards and we provide Kosher Certification in Saudi Arabia and also in various Gulf countries including UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, etc. We also have branches and representatives in numerous countries such as India, Philippines, Bangladesh, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and so on.

Incorporated in 2006, we have more than 13 years of professional experience in auditing and providing process and product certifications. With two decades of auditing experience, we help the organizations/manufacturers/suppliers to achieve both process and product certification faster and easier.

IAS – Product Certification procedure

Product certification is a process of qualifying a certain product that has passed the performance test and as well as the quality assurance test. IAS is famous for providing Kosher certification and also other product certifications such as CE Marking, CGMP, GOST-R, Green, HACCP, RoHS, Kosher, BRC, Kosher, etc. The product certification procedure includes:

  • Completion of product certification applicable form
  • Contact us with the completed product certification application form to have a free discussion about the certification process
  • Identification of the possible requirement related to your applied products
  • After identifying the specific requirements, our auditors will perform the audit on your product based on the submitted application form
  • Evaluation of technical documentation
  • If there is any deviation, IAS will provide the audit report with corrections or corrective actions
  • After the effective implementation, IAS will issue the certificate.
Want to know more about the Kosher Certification process in Saudi Arabia? Kindly contact us to have detailed information.