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HACCP Training in Kuwait

IAS is a leading training provider in delivering several training programs including HACCP Training in Kuwait. The food safety standards and regulations in Kuwait are aligned with international standards. HACCP is a systematic approach to managing food hygiene for safer food.

Founded in 2006, IAS has been delivering HACCP Training courses in Kuwait to increase the awareness of pathogens and prevention measures that leads to safe food.

Our highly qualified trainers have real-world experience and will help you to keep your workforce safe through their HACCP Training courses.

HACCP Certification is mandatory for all food process operators who are directly involved in the manufacturing, storage, transport, packaging, or handling of food to ensure quality management systems are followed. This includes top management commitment to comply with regulations and standards, and corrective action when necessary.

IAS Training provides HACCP certification in Kuwait to meet the food safety standards required for international food companies who work with suppliers or manufacturers abroad.

IAS HACCP Training course Coverage

– Introduction to HACCP & Principles of HACCP

– Development and Implementation of a food safety plan based on a hazard analysis approach for Food Business Operators in Kuwait.

– Essential elements of the HACCP system

– Process FMEA, Hazards Identification and Risk Assessment

– Implementing Steps required to develop a HACCP Plan

– Developing a HACCP System for the company

– Drafting of the HACCP plan following an internal audit

– Implementing the HACCP system and Creating procedures for maintaining food safety within your organization.

– Verifying that documented procedures are accurate and appropriate, indicating clearly where responsibilities lie throughout the HACCP process.

– Conducting a final review of the HACCP system to ensure that it functions effectively and efficiently.

HACCP Training delivery mode in Kuwait

IAS offers HACCP training in Kuwait through presentations, discussions, and case studies. The course includes examples of good practices to use as the basis for your own company's system. Participants will have an opportunity to discuss their own specific implementation issues throughout the course. IAS HACCP Training is offered at our premises or can be delivered on-site at your office.

IAS conducts HACCP training in Kuwait through face-to-face delivery or online mode. The course is based on specific client requirements and includes the development of customized learning objectives to achieve business goals for specific projects.

IAS can also conduct webinars to be viewed live via our website or recorded sessions may be downloaded at a later time.

We have successfully completed several online projects and understand the requirements needed to conduct an effective HACCP training program in Kuwait through a web platform.

HACCP Training in Kuwait

IAS, with its vast expertise, has designed a HACCP Training course and it delivers HACCP Training in Kuwait in the local language and with more examples. Our training activities are useful for those who work with or for suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors of goods.

HACCP Certification Kuwait

The HACCP certification course in Kuwait is mandatory for all food operators. We understand the difficulties faced by those who implement food safety management systems and how it impacts their business operations so we offer the following services:

  • – HACCP Training in Kuwait with our native subject matter experts
  • – Our training offers a “Train the Trainer" approach to ensure that all of your employees are properly trained through classroom, onsite, and online training programs.
  • – All IAS HACCP Trainers have more than 10 years of real-world industry experience in food safety and quality management systems.

We provide HACCP Certification in Kuwait that will help you establish a solid foundation for your company's food safety programs. We understand how important it is to choose the right provider for your organization, which is why we created ANSI-compliant standards to guide us through the process of training and certifying your employees.

  • – Easy to use, on-demand HACCP Certification in Kuwait
  • – Receive your HACCP certification in Kuwait from any location via our web portal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • – Once you pass the online exam – 100% pass guarantee – you will be issued an electronic certificate of completion.

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IAS offers a complete HACCP Training Program for Food Business operators in Kuwait as per international standard ISO 22000:2018 to implement healthcare procedures in all types of food businesses from catering, food manufacturing, retail, food service to logistics

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