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HACCP Training in Bahrain

Objective of HACCP Internal Auditor Training

The primary objective of HACCP training is to provide the participants with detailed knowledge about the HACCP system and its implementation in the organization as per international food safety standards. This will eventually help reduce or eliminate the risk of hazards in food production. It will also help the participants to develop the necessary skills to conduct an effective HACCP internal audit in their organizations.

IAS offers HACCP training in Bahrain that covers aspects of HACCP, including its components, principles, and implementation. The course is conducted by experienced food safety experts who have in-depth knowledge of the HACCP system and its application in the food industry.

Why HACCP Training in Bahrain?

HACCP is a preventative approach to food safety that is internationally recognized as being essential in ensuring the safety of food products. A key part of the HACCP system is the internal audit, which is used to verify that the system is being followed and that controls are effective. The role of a HACCP internal auditor is extremely important within the food safety process, as they are responsible for ensuring that all aspects of the system are being followed appropriately.

Internal auditors must have a thorough understanding of the HACCP principles, along with technical knowledge of food science and regulations related to food safety. This knowledge can be gained by completing a HACCP internal auditor training course.

Benefits of Learning HACCP Training in Bahrain

Our HACCP training in Bahrain gives you the following benefits:

  • It provides a basis for food safety practices that can be used in the workplace
  • It outlines foods and processes which are most likely to cause contamination and the steps that can be taken to prevent it.
  • It allows you to identify, evaluate, and control potential hazards in your workplace
  • It enables you to develop a program for ongoing monitoring of your food safety efforts.
  • It teaches you how to take corrective action if a potential hazard is identified.
  • It provides a framework for creating food safety policies and procedures.

Who Can Attend?

Our HACCP training in Bahrain is suitable for individuals working in the food industry and those who are responsible for developing and implementing food safety programs. Such as:

  • Food handlers
  • Managers and supervisors
  • Quality assurance personnel


Candidates who wish to take our HACCP training in Bahrain are recommended to have a basic understanding of food safety and the principles of HACCP. It would be beneficial if the candidate has prior work experience in the food industry.

Course Delivery Modes

  • Self-learning Mode: This mode of learning is ideal for individuals who have full-time jobs. You can complete the HACCP Internal Auditor Training online at your own pace using our efficient self-learning method. You’ll get 30 days of online access to the course materials to study and prepare for the internal auditor exam.
  • Tutor-Led Virtual Mode: Candidates will participate in HACCP Internal Auditor Training in Bahrain via a virtual learning environment. Attendees will participate in a two-day (16 hours) training session using Zoom meetings, which will be led by our expert trainers and include lectures, group activities, and hands-on practice. 

Assessment and Course Certification

After completing this HACCP training course, students must pass an online exam to obtain a HACCP Internal Auditor certificate. To receive a certificate of completion, students must pass the online exam with at least 70 percent marks.

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